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    Why are our Leaders and Politicians so Lost?

    By admin | June 21, 2012

    It may be the question every generation has asked through the history of democracy, but in this day and age there seems to be a greater void between the people on the street and their leaders than ever before. So much so, that most people just shrug their shoulders and resign themselves to their fate. Is it their fault or ours. How long do we use the us and them excuse for our loss of freedom and personal power?

    It’s as though we expect our leaders to go against our interests, we expect them to tell us what to do as if we assume they must know best. In the current times, we see the EU floundering between austerity and growth. Why are none of our leaders talking about economic sustainability. Why are none of them trying to fix the mechanisms that caused all this insane debt? Why do they not  prosecute the offending banksters who have caused poverty to whole nations through their greed, negligence and corruption? Too big to Fail? When do people come before profit and corporate interests?

    This attitude is peculiar to our times, it has never existed in such stark contrast before. We even look down our noses at people who stand up for their rights, as if they are just self indulgent naive kids with a chip on their shoulders. What happened to the 60′s? or even the 70′s? The Vietnam war was stopped through people power. Nixon was thrown out for lying to the public. Clinton got impeached for having sex with a co worker, while Bush created a near catastrophic and patently unnecessary war costing 100′s of thousands of lives and wasn’t even reprimanded. Protesters stand up to demonstrate about the G8 and G20 elite making self interested decisions that affect everyone’s lives and we look down on the Protestors without even asking what these leaders are discussing and deciding??

    We live in a world of corporate high flyers who have de nuded the world of money and resources for personal control and gain and we still aimlessly buy their products complaining only of the high prices. The gulf fills with oil and we sit back and blame one company as if they are the only ones risking our lives, do we even stop buying fuel from their stations or demand that our politicians end the reliance on oil as the only source of energy? No we sit back, read the news, shake our heads, mouth off to our friends about it or post in useless blogs like this one, thinking that somehow, someway, saying something is good enough and after all its not our fault is it? It’s those guys at the top who run everything.

    Why is it that we allow the ‘people at the top’ to take our money and then work against our interests? and actually criticize the people who criticize them? We look at the tragic failing economic situation in the world and don’t dare to wonder why there are so many extremely rich people in the world while most of us can hardly pay our bills. Where do we think the money actually comes from for those people to be rich in the first place? Who do we think allowed them into such extremely spoiled positions in life? Why do we not demand that our leaders explain their misjudgments, miscalculations and lack of respect for their own communities?

    We instead seem to give them the benefit of the doubt, we allow them to think they are trying their hardest and actually working in our best interests. How is it in our best interests to be scrambling with little or no money to get by while more and more money is taken out of the system to pay the already extremely wealthy? Whose money is it? Where does money actually come from? Think about it, it comes from you and I working for a living and having enough to spend on the things we need… and just as importantly having enough to spend on the things we like, want or desire that we don’t really ‘need’. Without the second part to this equation, there is no wealth to be shared. So when we allow our leaders to take more and more of the personal pie to get by, we are also allowing them to place the world and the economy in jeopardy.

    Simply put, the more money the average person has to spend, the more money there is to fund the economy. When we reduce the personal pie, we crush jobs and growth. The trickle down effect from wealthy to poor is one of the greatest fallacies of all time, strong economies utterly rely on a trickle up effect. Weak and collapsing economies always result from having too much money at the top of the tree.

    So, do you think our leaders and politicians really do know better than you? do you think that corporations have your interests at heart because they provide jobs? Which side is your bread buttered on? Can a corporation exist without you having the ability to spend? Can a government provide the services you need without you having enough money left in your pocket to help pay for it?

    So why do we let our politicians screw us for more while siding with the leaders of the corporations? Why? Why do we decry those who stand up and demand better from our leaders? Why do we not demand it ourselves? Do you have the same benefits and income as your local politician? why not? What have they done that deserves more than you? Why do you allow the coin to be turned in favor of them rather than yourself, your family and your community?

    It is time we all stood up and demanded that the focus of the economy, our leaders and our public servants be turned directly and accountably towards the public as a group of individuals who pay for them, not the other way around. We need to be treated as valued individuals again, not as a seething mass that has to be controlled, beguiled and lied to at all costs. Freedom is a big word, but it always requires your participation, it starts and ends with you!

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    One Response to “Why are our Leaders and Politicians so Lost?”

    1. Catherine Dawson Says:
      June 28th, 2010 at 4:55 am

      The governments that are supposed to protect and serve us, the ones that are paid for with our hard earned tax dollars no longer care what we the people think.

      Most Canadians didn’t want the G20 and G8, but that didn’t stop it from happening. Law abiding citizens cannot roam their own city streets freely, businesses in the downtown core of Toronto are negatively affected, and the bill for security tops one billion dollars so that the 20 most powerful nations on earth can meet behind closed doors to discuss the economic crisis.

      The media focuses on a few dramatic and violent scenes instead of reporting on the causes represented by the legitimate and peaceful protest groups that are exercising their right to be heard.

      Meanwhile, the 20 are making decisions behind closed doors without our input about issues that affect us all, that erode our democracies and our individual national sovereignty in favour of corporate interests. The events this weekend are another example of how our leaders are out of touch with the people they were elected to serve.


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