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    Web driving a new economy

    By admin | April 13, 2009

    The Web drives the new economy, will you make money on the net? If anyone doubted it before, the crash in the traditional economy has opened the door for the web to complete its takeover of how we all earn a living. Manufacturing has moved to the 3rd world and the 1st world is left to sweep up the pieces. Growing numbers of people are turning to the web to look for new income sources. This isn’t just get rich quick marketers or Google AdSensers, it is the average joe who is looking at how to make a buck and where the money is now. Are you one of them? Technorati Profile

    The web is full to the brim of ‘I make 5000 a week!’ marketeers with their bogus claims and tasteless websites. If they weren’t enough, there are 100′s of thousands of bogus dummy pages with nothing but google ads littering the net and getting in the way of your searches… all for a few cents from the grand addy daddy Google. But is that all there is to the web? A bunch of ads clothed in a few lines of barely relevant text? Is it just the big boys that can make money from the web?

    Well, it depends on how you see it. Are you trying to make money ‘from’ the web or ‘through’ the web? Because that subtle distinction is the key. Making money from Google is never going to pay your bills, face it, its in your own interest to realize that the numbers just don’t add up.

    Think about it… To make a $100 per day, the amount of people you need to visit your website[s] and then to actually click on your google ads at an average of even 10 cents per click, at a click rate of around 1% (that’s very high) is 100,000! per day!… or to make $1 you’ll need 1000 people to visit AND 10 of them to click. All that pre supposes your website attracts the people who’ll click, that google supplies relevant ads and that the advertisers pay 10 cents or more, most clicks return about 3 to 6 cents! It’s a mug’s game or pocket money that helps to pay your hosting costs that’s all and to achieve that you will spend hour upon hour trying to get the traffic and tailoring your site so it suits Google!

    As to the ‘I make $5000 a week’ low lifes… you have to pay them first to get your information… Really, how do you think they make money, from their expert instructions or from you sending them $29.99? As the saying goes, ‘there’s one born everyday’ and the web is heaven on a stick for the creeps ready to take your money and give you nothing in return.

    So, how do you make money on the web? As I said before you make it ‘through’ the web, not ‘from’ the web. You use it, not let it use you. People use the web because it’s cheap, it’s easy and it’s a lot better than television! They use it to research something they are looking to purchase or find something cheaper than they can get it offline.

    Traditional skills, services or products never go away. We all need a plumber, or food, or a particular part, or entertainment. So your job is to make it easier, cheaper or more entertaining to use your website to find, or buy or research what they are looking for.

    Let me give you an example of a highly successful web business started by people with little or no web knowledge.

    We all know that meat in supermarkets has become both expensive and of highly variable quality. We also know that local farmers get only a fraction of the money you pay to the supermarket.. who wins? well, the supermarket of course. So, a group of local farmers got together and decided to make a site to sell their best produce to the local community by simply placing a regular order online. Wham! instant success! The consumers are getting top quality local produce at a saving of over 50% on the supermarket prices, even with delivery! Result, happy farmers making lots of money, happy customers saving stacks of money and eating restaurant quality meat!

    Get the point?  They weren’t web guru’s, they were people ‘Using’ the web to make money from customers they couldn’t access without going ‘through’ the web. Lesson: A good product sells its self, the web is just the contact point and cash register.

    This is the true power of the web and why the web will drive the new economy. The times have changed, before it was more efficient to have a large corporation doing all the sales, distribution and marketing, now it is often easier or more efficient and therefore cheaper to move as much of your admin, point of sale and marketing to the web. We are deconstructing the very models and ideologies that made them top heavy and created instability in our economies. We are moving them back to more simple diverse and local control.. but overseen by a common point of sale and open market called the web.

    So think about your own products or skills and put your efforts into finding a way to make them available ‘through’ the web, rather than just thinking what you can make from the web. This is the new economy and as usual, it’s first come first served.

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      September 7th, 2012 at 12:37 pm

      We need a lot more iingshts like this!


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