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    Online Advertising fails to deliver; but there is a stunning new approach

    By admin | May 19, 2012

    How can large companies benefit in real sales from their online advertising?

    The problem with online advertising is we are still using advertising methods from the last century. News print and TV ads are suffering too. Google ads are becoming less effective, Facebook ads fail to deliver acceptable sales. Groupon is on a slippery slope.

    The new media world requires a totally different approach; one that rewards the user rather than just the publisher for reading or visiting the ad. Groupon tried this but the rewards are too small and complicated.

    Without disclosing names and actual methods, I was consulted professionally by a well known and very large news media organisation some years ago. I told them I have a method that will guarantee the user will read the ads with a hook that will give them a tangible and real benefit to their real needs. A genuine way to keep an audience. The costs for implementing it were high, but still less that their existing advertising budgets and it would actually make a profit once established rather than an ongoing expense, and they would have advertisers clambering to get on board.

    They laughed when I suggested they could present media without ad content and still make large amounts of money. My suggestions were ignored in favor of tried and true methods. They decided to stick with what they knew and consequently lost millions in revenue trying to stay in frame with everyone else.

    So what is my method? sorry, it’s too valuable to share in a blog post. It works, and its not a scam, its not in your face all the time, everyone benefits and in it’s raw form it’s already being used by some of the biggest and most successful companies in the market without them even being aware they are using it.

    Want to know more?

    What I can say is the only true route to actual sales from online advertising is by accessing users who are actively searching for a product. Google knows this from its own business and is making some steps towards improving their tools, but they are still missing the key to the methods needed.

    Yahoo is currently on the slide, but using these methods they could easily become a giant again in as little as 12 months.

    However, most online and mega companies are still stuck in the last century and cannot see past the old ways. Users have moved on, so MUST you. If you are a large marketer for large companies, feel free to contact me, seriously…

    Did you notice there are no facebook, twitter and linkdin links on this page? Why? Because they simply do not work and only help those companies, not you or your company! Time to wake up to the new world?

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