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    LocalBuy.me Amazing new site set to change the way we buy, sell and trade online

    By admin | April 1, 2014

    I want to tell everyone about an amazing new site that could really change the way we buy and sell things online. This new site works on so many levels and is one of those ideas you think, “why hasn’t anyone done this before” Firstly, it is a community minded site wanting to foster local trade in local communities. It wants to provide a place for people to be able to buy directly from local suppliers, both to help their local economy, but also to source the very best quality produce and goods at the best prices.

    Secondly, it wants to slash the costs of existing platforms like ebay which have become increasingly greedy. It has introduced a decentralized way of using eCommerce. It has gone back to the idea of a market place where you look for goods and make your transaction with the stall holder directly. It does not take any percentage of the transaction, it simply provides the place and powerful tools to connect buyer with seller. For this it charges a tiny fixed fee of 25 cents for most small purchases.

    Sellers can list for free for 10 days (they pay a little for a longer period) Sellers can run their own auction like ebay, or just use the buynow button for fixed priced goods. Buyers can search by item, location, category or keyword and it even provides Google maps. Buyers can also join a member started buyers group to be able to buy in bulk with others.

    On top of this, the site accepts and encourages the use of Bitcoin, one of my favorite new payment methods, or they can use Paypal instead. But more than this because the site doesn’t participate in the actual transaction between buyer and seller, the seller and buyer are free to determine their own method of payment between themselves! I love this idea! It simply makes sense on all levels. The shipping/delivery or pickup are all arranged between the buyer and the seller, so if you are local, you can just arrange to go and pick up your purchase. They will also be offering buyer and seller insurance packages if you want to use them.

    I heard it described as ‘craigslist on steroids’ with all the tools of eBay… I think that’s a very good description. I love how it returns us to the idea of markets, and it doesn’t just limit itself to local, its entirely up to the seller as to how far they want to sell, town, state, national, international, it’s entirely up to the seller.

    Many businesses are going to flock to this new site, its got the chance to change everything, if you think about it. It’s in pre launch now; go and get yourself a place and 10 free trade credits!

    Read about their Ethical Investment Program


    Twitter: @localbuyme

    Facebook: localbuyme

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