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    Join the Shame campaign aimed at Corporate Tax Avoidance

    By admin | December 10, 2014

    For far too long we have all sat back and watched as mega corporations internationalize their taxation obligations. Help to Name and Shame the companies who indulge in corporate tax avoidance schemes. This is our world, it belongs to all of us and not the few whose only desire is to maximize their profits for shareholders, CEO’s and senior management.

    We all understand that all companies need to make a healthy profit to support their growth, to pay their investors/shareholders a decent return and most importantly to sustain and create jobs. We all benefit from this, corporations are not evil, they are part of the fabric of economic sustainability. (Visit our poll below and share it!)

    However, there is a huge missing element that has become rampant in corporate thinking, they have been allowed to become feeders on society rather than contributors by their use of corporate tax avoidance schemes. We need to change this thinking. We, as the public, need to start demanding that corporations demonstrate their social responsibility to the greater part of society, not just act like greedy parasites feeding on the rest of us for the benefit of the few, while boasting to the market of their mega profits.

    This corporate tax avoidance is costing our governments billions and billions in legitimate revenue and this loss gets passed onto us in higher taxes. We pay to buy these deceitful companies products and services and then they take the money away to tax havens robbing us of the chance to use the taxable money in our own countries.

    At the recent G20 meeting in Brisbane, Australia; member states all agreed that it was time to tackle the ability of large companies to minimize their tax obligations. Many stated that international laws have lagged behind the growth of these mega corps and it was increasingly difficult to provide a unified legal approach to make corporations pay appropriate taxation in the countries where the money was earned. In fact, it may take many years to even make a significant dent in the ‘missing taxation’ funds being trucked away and hidden in small tax havens.

    This is shameful! Corporations should be boasting about how much they have contributed to national economies, not boasting to their shareholders how much they have managed to hide away and avoid. The governments and legal systems may have their hands full trying to force corporations into meeting their social responsibilities, but please remember that these companies rely on the public to make the money they are hiding away.

    As many have said before, the public has the power to change this twisted and immoral corporate thinking and all we have to do is Call them out on their lack of social responsibility by naming and Shaming them and by affecting their bottom line by affecting their sales to us.

    We need to breed a new awareness in corporate thinking, one where they can boast about how much they have contributed to society as a whole rather than just to themselves. A new culture where corporations can demonstrate their worth in terms of doing their fare share, of benefitting the community as a whole, of helping to bear the load of governments to build and sustain a better society for everyone.

    They need to seek our praise, not hide like greedy thieves burying their profits in hidden legal caves and presenting a false and plastic view of themselves. We need their Honesty and Integrity, their social and environmental responsibility to shine and present a worthy role model for the world.

    So, how do we start this process? How do we end Corporate Tax Avoidance?

    Sign up to this blog, send it out into the world of social media, make it a social movement. Contribute to other sites advancing a new era of social awareness and responsibility, sign petitions to your government members. Advance the cause of ethical businesses who contribute to the new notions of a Shared Economy that benefits us all.

    Go to our Poll at the bottom of the article, vote and add your comments, share to your twitter or facebook page

    It’s time to Name and Shame those who choose not to contribute and mend their corrupted thinking. Let’s force the mega corporations to start to demonstrate their worth to us all, not just the few.

    We are the world, the greedy are shooting us all in the foot. This has to stop and public social action is truly the most powerful way to create a better world for us all.

    Don’t just be negative: Find, support and promote businesses who are contributing to creating a better way ahead.

    Help to end to Corporate Tax Avoidance


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