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    HTML 5 here we go! Google Releases Open WebM Codec

    By admin | May 22, 2010

    The webM format will become the standard, the arguments are over, this move by Google will see the end of H.264. Game over. Stemming from the stunning quality of On2 format Google is releasing  the codec BSD-style with open source license.

    The dispute between Google, Apple and Adobe took a new and perhaps final turn today. All the major Browsers for web and mobile are supporting WebM video… that is, so far, except Apple!  Steve Jobs has a lot to get his head around now. Why will anyone choose H.264 and risk copyright restriction when WebM is being released with an open source license?

    HTML 5 combined with WebM video codec also threatens the slow demise of Flash as new built in apps are developed,  the one area that flash still will hold ground is in its Animation abilities and layout, but I am sure independent and alternative apps will appear soon enough… Interestingly, Adobe jumped in very quickly to say it will support WebM and native HTML 5

    Will Apple chooses to go it alone and still demand its closed system and H.264 for all its devices? I certainly hope not, it could see Apple fade into the background again, as it has with its share of the PC market… it seems making extremely bad tech decisions is Steve Jobs constant nemesis. His marketing is brilliant but I can only wonder where apple would be today if they had a truly open policy on hardware and tech development. Jobs got it right on HTML5 but completely wrong on H.264 and Flash.

    The final frontier will be browser integration of 3D simulators like Opensim, combined with html 5, the web will finally be able to go full 3D where required or needed. This is probably going to be the biggest leap forward so far in web technologies. Apple and Adobe better stop playing games or they will get left behind in the rush.

    HTML5 offers some beautiful new functions that will challenge Flash

    (see video below)

    SVG (scalable vector graphics) and Canvas functions of HTML5 hold great promise for a host of creative and entertainment applications as well as the more obvious  information and technical functions. It will provide the ability to easily create and draw vector graphics with alpha transparency functions too, all within easy to code HTML tags! Mouseover and keyboard functions combined with extended javascript will open a host of new apps, games, and creative pieces… oh and yes of course it will make the techs and scientists happy too, but hey, fun and creativity is important!!

    Video tags provide a host of cool functions… the ability to contain and provide access to multiple source files in one window, inbuilt Control function calls, the ability to draw over video, to scroll it, warp it, twist it, create live thumbnails,  Matroska like containers. Also support for the Ogg Vorbis audio format providing far superior audio to mp3. The list goes on and is still being developed.

    Other functions will include easy inbuilt Database and extended Caching abilities allowing web pages to create and run far more detailed functions and calls. Providing a way of sustaining and running offline apps from your browser while minimizing data loss if you loose your connection. This is particularly important for wifi inconsistencies and droputs, but also for extending the raw power of browser based computing. There is even a function called Webworker that manages running tasks in the background so that your browser is not slowed by a function or process.

    Finally, the new geolocation functions will speed development of location based apps and I can’t wait to see the games and creative uses artist and developers come up with!!

    View this great video tute for more info..

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