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    Google Woes and SEO flatulance…

    By admin | June 12, 2009

    Google Woes and SEO flatulance…

    SEO’s are the modern day used car salesmen, and we know what’s happened to that market! I have pages that have no keywords or even a description that rank higher than perfectly sculpted w2.0 pages. I have pages that have excellent content and no ads that rank lower than pages with high ad content. Imagine if I’d paid a SEO to manage them all for me. What a waste of time and money!

    Google is what google does. Many people are starting to run multi engine searches these days, their day in the sun will only continue as long people ‘buy’ into the delusion. My highest access hit pages come from word of mouth, social network friends information link sharing (SNIFLS! lol put that in your pipe and smoke it!), good products and good content produces results. Not nerdy apple bite tinkering with code, people buy or visit material that works. You can even do a phd in SEO these days, a world lost up its own code hole if you ask me!

    I don’t like google either but its like saying you don’t like sharks, its an ocean and they are a big part of it, so lets just start giving them and their symbiotic ultra code suckers (SUCS!) a big miss on searches and return the web search to an information tool rather than a fecal used code spam yard (FUCSY)

    Web Pro News – Google Woes and SEO flatulance…

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