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    Global Warming Meets Global Meltdown

    By admin | April 7, 2009

    Is the economy more important than the environment? Seem like an obvious question? Well that’s where we are now and the answers are not so easy. Green is the colour of the times and red is the path we have chosen. Maybe we all need to find our inner hippy…

    For too long we have seen these issues as being separate and exclusive but now we are facing both of these lifestyle and freedom issues head on and the view is just as hot and steamy on both sides of the equation.

    Without a stable and sustainable economy we face mass starvation and social collapse, without a stable and sustainable environment… yes you guessed it, we face mass starvation and social collapse. The truth is these issues have never been separate and should never have been given different weights.

    Hippies have been yelling about them both since the sixties.. and in over 40 years, not a thing has changed, NOTHING! Are our fuels car any better for the environment? Is your food any better? Is your cost of living any easier? Are there less poor people in the world? Is the world any happier! Oh praise the right money wing for their superior knowledge and foresight to the rest of us dumb bums… Aren’t you glad you put on that suit everyday and listened to the boss? Hippies got it right and all they ever heard back from their fellow humans was… get a f***ing hair cut you dead head. Meanwhile, both the economy and the environment have continued to fall in a heap. Hippies were dead heads, hey?… well its time you ‘I’m righties’ got a f***ing life, ‘cos the one you’ve been living is the real highway to hell and it hasn’t needed any delusions from the end of days religious nutters to get us here… we did it all by ourselves… the saddest part of all is that many of the ‘Hippies’ from that era, cut their hair, did the ‘right thing’, put on a suit to look like everyone else… and became a part of the problem, not part of the solution.

    So, if you’re sitting there in your almost paid off home looking back with fondness on your glory days, when you had long hair and life was easy… take some time to think about why you made those choices and where they got you. You see, there are still hippes in the hills living the dream that never gave up… and despite the social abuse they suffered, they can still provide healthy food and a stable lifestyle for their families and their friends and for anyone else who cares to listen or needs a little help.

    The planet is something we all share, and the economy is something that we all need… why trade your heart for your mind? Now is the time to find your own hippy inside and learn to live with less… in order to give your spirit more.

    The future belongs to those who heed it, not those whose greed make claims to feed it. Don’t let your spirit melt, look at the future with your heart and give up those sad delusions that sold you out. We are all hippies inside! Come and join your brothers and sisters. Peace, health and happiness are worth more than all the money in the world.

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