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    Architects Rock the Virtual Worlds?

    By admin | December 6, 2009

    Anisphere.com Virtual SIMs for Professionals

    Anisphere.com Virtual SIMs for Professionals

    Virtual worlds have begun to move away from the games industry and are firmly planting roots in Architectural design, Education and even scientific visualisation. The launch of AniGlobe consultants and AniSphere hosting last month saw the virtual world move into the professional arena providing consultants and servers for establishing your own tailor made virtual world simulator.

    These amazing simulators allow architects to create 3D models and mockups of their designs that their clients can walk or fly around in full virtual 3D environments. The terrains and landscapes can be tailored to emulate the real world environment and the project can be viewed at any time of day.  The building and modelling tools are simple and any architect with a basic knowledge of CAD can quickly provide simulations and alternatives for their clients to view.

    AniGlobe.com consultants setup SIMs for Architects

    AniGlobe.com consultants setup SIMs for Architects

    Tradtionally, Architects provide 2D images or drawings of their designs for the client, but 3D simulators take this to a whole new level allowing the client  to actually move around, walk or fly through the model, see it from any angle or at any time of day. All of this is done over the internet on the clients own pc or laptop and is available 24/7. The architect can discuss, build or change the design from his own office pc and the client can view it in real time while meeting with the architect online whilst standing in the actual model!

    Live meetings online with clients

    Live meetings online with clients

    The technology used takes its core from the same software used in the games industry in products like secondlife.  AniGlobe takes these tools and applies them to the professional arena. AniGlobe provides all the expertise  digital media, assets and consultancy services to get the simulators setup and working for the company and advises on the best hosting or server options. Anisphere provides inexpensive and ready to go island spaces for those who simply want to rent space rather than establish their own Sims.

    These virtual world solutions are quickly being adopted and developed by all sorts of industries and the big companies like IBM and Intel are already making footprints in the virtual worlds too. Allyson Kerr, from Aniglobe Consulants says that alongside Architects and Designers they are now dealing with ‘live meeting’ companies, Rock  bands wanting virtual clubrooms and Families wanting  a virtual home online to meet and talk with each other. 

    “Virtual worlds are expanding the possibilities and potentials of social networking sites like Facebook. Even rock bands are realising the potential for streaming their music or video clips live to their fans in their own 3D clubhouse.”

    Virtual Clubhouses fo Rock Bands

    Virtual Clubhouses for Rock Bands

    It seems the possibilities for virtual worlds are virtually endless! Anisphere.com provides simple rentals of islands for people to get their feet wet… or not as the case maybe! Aniglobe provides professional consultants to help design, install and establish a dedicated SIM and provide companies with all the tools and expertise they require to get started.

    Contact them at these sites

    Meanwhile, think I might just pull a chair next to Anizia and Xo  to take in the virtual surroundings for awhile…. ah the possibilities are endless indeed! :)

    Hmm, food for thought

    Hmm, food for thought

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