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    Apple, part of the problem, not part of the solution

    By admin | August 27, 2012

    Apple has become part of the problems on this planet rather than part of the solution. This is the path they have chosen while waving the banner of ‘cool and cred’. On every level their actions have said, we don’t give a damn about anything but ourselves. The recent abuse of patents in the Apple V Samsung case has all but sealed Apple’s demise as a credible and honest competitor to its once hated enemy, Microsoft, and its given more social credibility to Android than Google deserves.

    We now have a world where a company can seek to own the shape of a rectangle, the icons on a screen and a silly bit of code that makes lists bounce. It is very close to insanity and yet again the USA shows how hypocritical and corrupted its use and abuse of laws have become all for the sake of its own greed.

    The USA have allowed this patent trolling by mega corps because quite simply, they make mega money from it, it has nothing to do with protecting anyone’s rights; the credibility of their legal system is in severe recession.

    So, reading this you might think I am supporting Android or Google or Samsung over Apple? Not in the slightest, we should be under no illusions, they are all embedded with each other. They all know no one owns a black rectangle, or a silly bit of code that any tech could write. (actually I wrote the same sort of function into a flash interactive 8 years ago before iPhones existed) The only difference here is that Apple spent some of its vast ill gotten gains making spurious patents that were allowed by a corrupted patent system and Samsung was silly enough to risk infringing them for their own benefit.

    It’s a bloody phone for godsake! They made a good one, others emulated and improved on it, that’s what Jobs crowed on and on about doing and was as proud as hell about doing it too!

    Anyone who has been around for the last 20 years in the tech industry will have seen all of Apples so called innovations on other devices before they copied them and put them inside a shiny widget for sale to a cryingly immature mass audience that had always found computers a bit hard to use. Kudos to Apple for marketing, that’s it, that’s all.

    For Apple to carry on as if it was this generations’ Edison (who also had issues of copying against him) is the epitome of corporate greed, corruption and utter vacuity. To then sell those products with planned obsolescence; ie glueing parts together so they can’t be fixed, is the very height of cynicism toward your own customers. They then sell these inferior mashed up products, manufactured by other companies like Samsung, for prices that are corruptly greedy and take out bogus patents that are a direct abuse of peoples freedom to create and improve.

    Ok you say, so what? that’s just the free market in play, capitalism at its finest, if people want them and want to pay for them who should care? Well the thing is, it’s not a free market and monopolistic practises are rightly frowned on by true capitalists because they destroy the market. Apple, guilty on all counts.

    They have, by their deliberate and willful choice, turned a company that really wanted to make great products into a sci fi version of Microsoft at their very worst; they have become the devil they hated so much. I stopped using any Apple product when they inserted the ‘i’ first on their products.

    So when you buy an Apple product you are now saying yes to fucking the planet; you are saying yes to greed rules All; you are saying yes to abuse of Patent laws and individual rights; you are saying yes to buyer beware; you are saying yes to company ownership of your data, of your time, of your thoughts and your ‘user’ experience… why? … because they just work! … for Apple, but not the world.

    Apple; the richest company on the planet, contributes the least to charity and philanthropy. Part of the problem, not part of the solution. If you care about your planet, the environment, the well being of others working to make your goods; you would never choose to be seen with a soiled Apple product in your hands. They are NOT cool, they are NOT cred. They have lost the plot and become their own devil.

    Make no mistake, if you choose to buy Apple products after this corrupted judgment, you are also part of the problem on this planet and can’t make any claim to be part of the solution. Take some responsibility as a consumer and make an effort to care what you are buying into.

    *footnote (I have used Macs and Pc’s for most of my working life, I like Macs, they were a very good alternate. I used to support Apple over Microsoft but will not again. I do not include the excellent 3rd party software producers in this criticism. Please be aware that this article is a opinion piece based on the experiences of an industry professional)

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    One Response to “Apple, part of the problem, not part of the solution”

    1. Yesenia Says:
      September 8th, 2012 at 2:45 pm

      Omar .. Its not that hard to order it online i bevilee!!also put in mind that US store is going to release it without contract in November .. i think its going to be unlocked []omarker Reply:November 1st, 2011 at 3:26 pmWell i Got mine ,, but good advice for people Who wanna have it ,, thanks =D[]


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