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    Anyone for an Apple iWatch?

    By admin | February 9, 2013

    Well it’s official, err… un officially and definitely in no comment, no admission land. Those clever little bunnies down at Cupertino may have been brewing some competition for those nifty cyber glasses that the ‘do no evil’ GoogleDroids are developing. Not to be out done by those pesky augmented reality nerds at google, the stylishly Apple skinned, shaved head and neat jeans brigade are in the mysterious process of inventing another never imagined already existing product… it’s called the iWatch!
    Be afraid Googles, be very afraid!

    No, they didn’t just raise Dick Tracy’s R&D team from the dead. This is going to be a true wonder and awe product for anyone who already owns an iPhone or iPad or iPod or anything else with an i in front of it. I mean, who needs super cool cyber glasses when you can have a really, really little iphone on your wrist?

    It will be an amazing invention, it’s a wonder no one ever thought of it before, err, except Sony who already have one out for over 12 months… but it’s not in any way as good as the Apple iWatch that Apple ‘will have’ invented, after they actually invent it and make it, before anyone else sells too many of their own pre apple patent liable versions.

    Ok, it’s not really competition for the Googledroids, the iWatch is rumoured to be all about health, it will be able to monitor almost everything about you and send all that information via Cupertino and your friendly telco, to your new bigger iPhone or even bigger iPad thingy. Of course, not only will it share your health and monitoring functions effortlessly; it will do it with such panache, such style, such sophistry that millions of Apple device owners around the world will mass and sigh and wheeze and puff in anticipation of the ultimate next bit of genuine apple kit.

    It will be a revolution, the news media will bow and scrape and write natty little articles everyday about it while they sit and wonder how they can put their paid news App on such a little phone… and yes, it Will tell the time, with a retro clock face and slippery font that will blow any faux design freak out of their anally perceptive brainscape. Or at least make them want to shave their heads and wear stylish jeans.

    130 Billion dollars in the Bank and an under funded R&D department, lost in post steve ‘natty little device land’ (don’t mention the apple maps fiasco, please!). It makes me wonder how a company who can make something as workable, usable and beautiful as a Mac Book Air can be so shallow of thought and direction. Was it really all down to Steve? The faux thinkers have taken over the apple asylum. Long live Final Cut Pro!

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    One Response to “Anyone for an Apple iWatch?”

    1. Your friendly CyberCat Says:
      February 9th, 2013 at 2:34 am

      You make me laugh Aileron! Totally nailed the Apple bois and the Googledroids too. When are you going to do a piece on your other fave foe MS? Or that Guardian tech writer. Long live final cut Pro! lol


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