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    New Australian flag design recognises the Aboriginal peoples

    By admin | January 25, 2015

    Here’s a sneak peak of what may be the new Australian flag. Nothing official yet, but I really liked this design and wanted to share it.

    The Federation Star has replaced the British Union Jack. The seven pointed star represents the 6 states and Northern Territory. The sun and earth and sky represent the Aboriginal first peoples of Australia. The Southern Cross constellation can only be fully seen in the Southern Hemisphere.

    New Australian Flag?

    Click on the image to see full size.

    Will they change their national colours to these too? What a great idea and a modern and beautiful flag!

    There is a big debate going on in Australia about their national day. The 26th of Jan is their traditional national holiday. However, the 26th of Jan was actually the day that Britain declared Sydney their penal colony. The first people of australia, often call it Invasion day.

    The movement for Australia to become a republic and break away from the British monarchy are again gaining momentum and many Australians are questioning some of the traditions that have been handed to them by the British. The national flag still contains the British Union Jack in its top corner, the national holiday is on a date that the British inhabitants celebrated when Sydney was first established. It is seen now, as an ignoble act of invasion and theft from the indigenous peoples. Even the national anthem is coming under fire because it’s not felt in the heart by most Australians and most would prefer an old folk song called Waltzing Matilda.

    Bill Shorten the current leader of the Opposition today raised the issue of becoming a republic again and it is clear that the movement has not faded in Australians hearts and minds and many want to combine the issues of indigenous Australians together with the movement.

    For many Aussies it’s about regaining national pride, recognising the truth of their past, their current multicultural identity and setting up Australia for a new and bright future.

    I think the flag is a great start!

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